Ancient Races of Eternus (Stonecutter)

stone fountain Stonecutter: Stonecutters are men of large stature not uncommonly over seven feet tall who have grey eyes and long beards and hair which they wear knotted in ceremonial braids. The are best known for the vast and complex cities that they build underground that are primarily made of stone. They are skilled craftsmen and have an affinity for stone and the objects made out of it. Stonecutter craftsmanship features an amazing use of stonework for everything from buildings, weapons, items and armor. They typically live in large cities underground that are carved from stone. They are friendly and typically trade their weapons, mined materials, and stonework with humans and other friendly races.

The Aboveworld: While most stonecutters have no taste for life above ground and many are terrified of falling off into the open sky some do venture off into the "aboveworld" to adventure or for other reasons with little ill effect other that a bit of homesickness and a dull throb in the temples when looking at the sky for the first few weeks.

Physical: Stonecutters look like a typical human of Eternus except they are a full foot taller on average and often have long beards and hair of gray and silver color that is wound into ceremonial braids. To cut off a Stonecutters hair is a sign of disrespect to his family so a stonecutter with short hair is one who has been dishonored or one with no family or one who has been disinherited or has no love for his family for some other reason.

Architecture: Stonecutter architecture features an amazing use of stonework for everything from temples, bridges, aquaducts, as well as an amazing assortment of stone fortifications

Capital: The Marble Halls

Customs: Stonecutters maintain their history through a tradition of written language called Stonewrite.


Enemies: Dvergr

Etiquette: The vast majority of Stonecutters are freemen and property owners. They are the farmers, the stonesmiths, and the everyday man. To go higher in the social order you need to become a member of the noble class. To do this you must be elected in special contests call the Trial of Stone. Those who advance become nobles and earn the title "Stonelord" and are allowed to live in great palaces of stone and help rule the lands. Crimes comitted by Stonecutters or outsiders can result in the person becoming a slave and being forced to work in the mines under harsh conditions. This can last a short time for minor crimes or be a life sentance for serious crimes like murder. The most serious crimes often earn the sentance of "krell" or being dropped into a huge pit of lava while bound from head to toe.

Faction Tokens: Golden Tablets of Acomplishment

Foods: Stonecutters eat meat from many animals that they raise as well as stonewheat (meal), dairy created from milkweeds, a vast assortment of underground vegetables and herbs and their favorite delicacy is wild fruits, such as night apples, stonepears, berries and a substance called stonesweet which is similar to wild honey. Fish are also plucked from underground streams with poles and nets.

Goals: The elimination of the threat of evil dvergr.

Government: Hierarchy

History : The legend of the stonecutter is one of the most ancient and go back as far as written history.

Holidays -

Holy Places:

Honor : Stonecutters never run from a fight and they never turn their back on someone who is in need.

Languages: Stonewrite, Common

Laws: The laws of the Kingdom

Leader: Lord Oisin

Magic Type: Earthen Spirit

Place of Origin: Unknown

Rituals: Stonecutters come of age in a ritual that is called the gloaming of the stone and as part of the ritual they become transformed into a living statue for 30 days.

Symbols: A stone block with a burning rainbow bridge over a long stone blade (earthen spirit in Stonewrite)

Weakness (Dvergr Type): Dark Tremors

Heritage Weapon: Warflame