Welcome to Eternus: Medieval Fantasy RPG
Game Master EternusThe Game Master: Being a Game Master is one of the most rewarding types of gaming roleplay but it can be a little daunting the first time. With some systems it can take years to become comfortable but our ultimate goal is a system designed to be easy to play and easy to GM.

The Player Characters: We offer you a stable of interesting NPC characters to bring to life, complete with backstories, quirks, habits and weaknesses. As you help breathe life into these characters you will use them to guide the PCs and aid them when possible in their adventures.

The Enemies: We have also provided a large selection of enemies to pit against the heroes. Each enemy has a backstory, goals, habits, weakness and strengths that will help guide you as you maneuver them in and out of combat.

medieval fantasy rpg eternusThe Tips: We offer tips and hints along the way to make your GMing experience rewarding and interesting and to help you avoid the pitfalls of other systems. You gain access to charts and other materials that allow you to generate a world on the fly or whip up a world of your own in much less time than you thought possible.

The Adventures: Coming soon we will be offering rich and complicated adventures that will challenge and thrill both GM and players alike. Bookmark this page or sign up with our email list for future access to one of our sample adventures that we will be releasing in a few months.