The Familiars of Eternus

Medieval Familiars of EternusFamiliars: "Ah so you are interested in buying an animal? We have normal animals that make nice pets and we have familiars which, well let's just say they are no pet. They are a full fledged working animal. We have a wide variety from which to choose so please have a look around."

Quality: We have several options when it comes to quality, everything from your average pet, uncommon creatures that can offer limited aid to their masters in out of combat skills and in other ways, rare animals that can offer limited aid in combat as well as out of combat. There are unique and envoy creatures as well but those can very rarely be bought at a store but we have some books with information about a few of them in the back.

Common Animals: We have a wide variety of dogs and cats as well as some unusual creatures. They don't do much to help an adventurer but they do help you relax when you are home so might consider purchasing one. The are very cute aren't they?
| See: Common Animals |

Medieval Familiars of EternusUncommon Familiars: We have a good selection of uncommon animals. We have mounts, serpents, avian creatures, feral creatures, feline creatures and special creatures. | See: Uncommon Animals |

familiars of eternus serpentRare Familiars: Ah an eye for the exotic eh? Well you can't go wring there? These creatures can not only aid you out of combat but can offer limited aid as well.

dragon mage smallUnique Familiars: You flip through the pages of an old book and find a chapter on unique familiars. According to the text unique familiars must be found and tamed which can be a long and difficult process requiring great effort and skill. This effort can be rewarded greatly because unique familiars can offer significant aid in combat and out of combat they can become invaluable.

Envoy Familiars: The last page has an obscure reference about something it calls envoy familiars which it states must be a gift from an avatar or diety and should be considered a character in its own rights with unique powers and skills granted by divine power. They can be as powerful or sometimes more powerful than the character themselves.

Caring for Familiars: Taking care of a familiar is an important part of owing an animal. See: Animal Care

Medieval Familiars of EternusBonding: "Every pet from the common cat to the most powerful familiar must bond with the person who has purchased them before they can trust them. This process is usually longer when they pet is of higher quality but this is not always the case."