Getting to Know Your Enemies

enemies eternus rpgEnemies: There are a large variety of enemies that you can battle. Some are intelligent and others are non-intellegent. There are several types of demons, assassins, extraplanar creatures, evil spirits, a large variety of undead, and many other choices that have not been seen in any other RPG to date.

Enemy Power Levels: Enemies typically range in power from very weak to a powerful archetype of the creature type that is extremely powerful allowing you to have a large variety of monsters to fight at each level.

enemies eternus rpgClass Enemies: Each class has at least six favored enemy types that can do more damage to the character class and also takes more damage from their favored enemy types. These will be released for game masters with the upcoming adventures.

Epic Enemies
: Epic enemies sould not be fought alone. They are extremely dangerous and should be avoided or tackled with an elite team.

Epic Enemies: (All)

Regional Enemies: Each region has a enemies that are usually only found in that area.

Regional Encounters (Alba)
Nighe: A Nighe is a Banshee.
Bodach: A shapeshifing imp.
Bugge: A ghost that formed out of straw and plants.
Shellycoat: A sprite that protects rivers and streams.
Uisge: A foul creature, formed out of sludge and poison.
Eker: A large being of gruesome and slimy appearance.
Lavellan: A rodent as large as a dog, that gives off poison.
Morag: Huge 20' long water serpent creature.
Dunter: A murderous Elf said to inhabit ruined castles.
Trow: Hideous creatures that can turn invisible.

Racial Enemies: Each race has a particular enemy that is similar to the class enemies.

Racial Enemies (Elves)
Blightwalker: Dire Enemy of the Deru (Tree Elves)
Sawney: Dire Enemy of the Ljosalfar (Sun Elves)
Dark Fae: Dire Enemy of the Fairfolk (Highland Elves)
Nokk -Dire Enemy of the Dokkalfar (Night Elves)