Armor of Eternus (By Type)

armor overviewThe Armor of Eternus: Our armor is based on many different styles of authentic medieval armor plus we add magical armors like cloth armor and special types of armor for each class. We have everything from vestments to a full plate cuirass.

cloth armorArmor, Cloth: Cloth armor is magically imbued cloth woven with special materials and allowing for quick and nimble action but sacrifices health. It is worn by Angelus and Armati.

| Woven Armor (Common) | Woven Armor (Uncommon)
| Silk Armor (Common) | Silk Armor (Uncommon)
| Martial Armor (Common) | Martial Armor (Uncommon)

light armorArmor, Light: Light armor is made of tough hide that is sewn together with heavy thread and often padded or studded to give further strength. It is worn by Magus Arcanum and Shadow Warriors.

| Hide | Padded Leather | Light Mail | Studded leather |
| Hide Armor (Common) | Hide Armor (Uncommon)
| Light Mail Armor (Common)| Light Mail Armor (Common)
| Studded Leather Armor (Common) | Studded Leather Armor (Common)

medium armorMedium Armor: Medium armor is made of heavy plates or metal rings connected together together by metal rivets and joints to give further strength. It is worn by Ritualist and Ancestral Guardians.

| Banded mail | Brigandine | Chain mail | Ring mail | Scale mail | Splint mail

medium armorHeavy Armor: Heavy Armor is made by metallurgists of large heavy metal plates connected by thick metal joints and reinforced metal rivets. It is worn by Champions and Proeliators.

| Field Plate | Full Plate | Plate Mail |

Item Slots: Armor items each fit in a specific spot. Only one can be used at a time.

Armor care kit: 12 oz jar of cleaner, 12 oz jar of polish, cleaning brush, and polishing brush.