Selling Magic Items

Magic Item ConditionSelling Magic Items - Magic items are well made and last for generations. Most items with the exception of totem items, (which must be bonded) don’t drop in price as much as mundane items but tend to take much longer to sell. Here are the chances of selling an item based on its value with modifiers for attitude and etc. This is just a rough idea and can vary greatly with circumstance such as rarity and desirability.

Hostile - Most people who are hostile will not buy from you or sell to you unless they have little choice. If they think it easier they may simply attack you for your goods.
25% - 25% per day
50% - 05% per day
75% - 05% chance (ever)
90% - 01% chance (ever)

Unfriendly - Unfriendly people will look for a way to take advantage of you and give you the least possible. They will only buy right away of the deal is too hard to pass up or there is a pressing need.
25% - 50% per day
50% - 25% per day
75% - 05% chance per day
90% - 05% (ever)

Indifferent - An indifferent merchant is just looking to make a quick buck and will take your goods if they can make a profit off the sale.
25% - 75% per day
50% - 50% per day
75% - 25% chance per day
90% - 05% per day

Friendly - A friendly merchant will buy items from you just to please you or pay back a percieved favor or to help you out. They will buy if there is any hope of making a profit on the long run.
25% - 95% per day
50% - 75% per day
75% - 50% chance per day
90% - 25% per day

Helpful - Helpful merchants are among your allys and will buy items even if they may have to take a loss on them. They will do so as long as this doesn't impact their ability to make a profit in the long haul and if there is a pressing need by the buyer.
25% - 99% per day
50% - 95% per day
75% - 90% chance per day
90% - 85% per day
100% - 75% per day