Medieval Fantasy Items (Eternus)

Medieval Armor and ShieldsWelcome to Dawn's Magic Shoppe: Exterior (Front) This two story building is made of red stone and has a signboard out front that reads Dawn's Magic Shop. The door is made of bright red wood with the symbol of the town of Redcastle on each door.

items herbsInner Features: | Floors: Cobblestone | Walls: Brick | Lights: Lanterns (magical) | Decorative: Fresh Flowers

Would you like to know a bit about the quality of items first or do you just want to look around.

Looking Around: As you look around you see...

location shop armorerInterior (Main): Inside the main room the place is fresh and clean and the magic items are organized and kept in glass and wood cabinets with heavy locks. A room in the back left displays a number of different styles and types of armor and one in the back right has an impressive display of weapons. The selection in the main room also looks good and the place is fairly well stocked. There is a checkout counter in the center of the room. A young girl nods to you as she watches the store from behind the counter.

dawns magic shopThe woman minding the counter approaches you as you enter. "Welcome to Dawn's Magic Shoppe. We have a full compliment of armor, weapon, healing potions and other alchemy items, combat items, sacrificial totems, incendiaries, magical containers, holy water, wafers for religious rituals, training tokens and much more. If it a common item we have it and if it is uncommon we are likely to have that too. If not then we can have it made for you within a week. Also we restock on Tuesday nights so we have new inventory every Wednesday.

Selection (Uncommon): (100% common / 70% uncommon)

side patternMagically Crafted Items: The largest area in the store is the middle room which is devoted to crafted items. It contains over 600 original magical items of many differenty types that can be crafted by players.

Alchemist Items (Common and Uncommon):
Artificer Items (Common and Uncommon):
Jeweler Items (Common and Uncommon):
Stonemason Items (Common and Uncommon):
Metallurgist Items (Common and Uncommon):
Woodworker Items (Common and Uncommon):
Tailor Items (Common and Uncommon):
Sage Items (Common and Uncommon):

special magical items eternusSpecial Items: Special Items are made up of parts created by two or more crafts and then combined by those same craftsmen (or they same types) in a group effort to create the item. They can be difficult to make and cost more than regular items but the effects are often more powerful than items of the same quality and as such are more expensive as well

Combined Special Items (Common):
25% (+5) Armored Wagon (Uncommon)

Combined Special Items (Uncommon):
45% (+9) Gliding Cloak (Uncommon)

mgic shopInterior (Armor Room): This room is filled with dozens of suits of armor of different types and styles, There are four different sections each featring a different armor type. "If there is something that you want that is not here just let me know and I will get it for you, ok? | Shop for Armor |

mgic shopInterior (Weapons Room): This room is filled with dozens of weapons of different types and styles that are displayed in cases and long the walls, "If you are looking for a weapon that is not here just ask and I will find it for you, ok? | Shop for Weapons |

Exit: A hall leads off from this room to a back area.

guard at dawns magic shopBack Area (Filled with Crates): There are is a guard watching the door here. There are several crates in the back that are covered up with tarps. There is a steel door that is locked (Office) and stairs that lead up to the next level which are blocked by an iron grate. "I am sorry this area is off limits to you. There is nothing here but boxes anyway. We have a host of common and uncommon items to meet every need. If you are looking for something more exotic we have an auction house nearby that can meet your needs but I am sure you will find plenty to keep you occupied within the rest of our walls."

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