Medieval Fantasy Items (Eternus)

Medieval Armor and ShieldsMagical Weapons: "So you are interested in magical weapons? Well take at look at what we have in store. We have slashing weapons, blunt weapons, entangling weapons, range weapons, piercing weapons, fist weapons, class weapons, combination weapons, and combat items."

Common Weapons: "Common weapons can get the job done. We have a wide selection of common slashing weapons, common blunt weapons, common entangling weapons, common fist weapons, common piercing weapons, and common combat items. Take a look around and see if one of these sets suits your needs."

Uncommon Weapons: "Uncommon weapons can make a huge difference in hitting and missing your target. Uncommon weapons are a great choice. Anything better usually sells out right away. We have a wide selection of uncommon slashing weapons, uncommon blunt weapons, uncommon entangling weapons, uncommon fist weapons, uncommon piercing weapons, uncommon class weapons, uncommon combination weapons, and uncommon combat items. . Take a look around and see if one of these sets is what you are looking for."

Rare Weapons: Rare weapons fly off the shelves. The auction house is the best place to look for one but it can be expensive and it really only needed when yuo reach levels above 25th. Of course it is always noce ot have since each piece has unique powers in addition to traditional uses.

Unique Weapons: "These pieces are very rare. You might find one at the auction house but these items are usually heirlooms that sell for a small fortune."