Items Effeciency (Eternus)

Medieval Items Eternus RPGItems Efficiency Levels and Power Levels - Items are usually measured by both power level and efficiency level. The first number represents the power level of the person who can wield the item. The second number is how efficient the item is. The reason for this is that there are a wide range of items that are usable by characters of each power level that can vary greatly in cost and power. For the efficiency another digit from 1-5 is added to the PL score to represent the level and value of the item. These numbers are separated by a dash to prevent confusion. To find the percentage efficiency you should multiply the second number by 20%. So PL1-1 is 20% / PL1-2 is 40% and so on. You must have an item that is as high or higher as your current training.

For calculating the value of an item please see prices.

For example take the item below.

Example Item