Making Use of Your Skills

Eternus Medieval SkillsPhysical Training As your character increases levels he or she gain training points and enhancement points that can be used to purchase training and enhancements. These two types cover a wide range of abilities learned through training while enhancements encorporate magical energies that are absorbed by the body and are always in effect. | See: Using Skills |

Enhancements: Enhancements are like training skills except that an enhancement is always in effect.

Player Skills: Player skills offer a large number of useful abilities and other skills. They take one skill point per tier.

: Class training and powers are unique abilities that perform combat and non-combat effects and typically takes one normal action to perform.

: Professions are skills that allow a character to make money and perform other useful skills. It is made up of four major areas, each with its own subsets. Artistic Professions | Crafting Professions | Gathering Professions | Knowledge Professions.

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See Quick Start Guide: Eternus is designed to be easy to play for the beginner while offering the expert RPG player the feel of real combat. Don't take our word, get in on the fun!
Our philosophy is that the rules should add to the fun or get out of the way. Our system encourages you to be creative. It doesn't try to diminish your natural ability to role-play, it enhances it. Opportunities to advance your character and gain an edge on your opponents abound in our system, take advantage of them when you can. See Tactics

If you have a hard time getting into character many elements of the system will lay a path of choices before you and encourages you to get in tune with your character naturally. See Characters


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