Angelus Character Class

angelus class eternus rpgAngelus: Angelus are born with a connection to the divine. An angelus knows that the best answers to life’s trials and profound questions come quietly through prayer and devotion to the spirit of eternal good. They are noble figures that revere and worship God through their relationship and stewardship over the spiritual and natural world. They are the priests of the forest, desert, marshes, cities, townships, and anywhere else that spirits are in need. They have been touched by an angel or other divine spirit at some traumatic point in their lives giving them special insight into matters of the spirit and in turn are charged with protecting and maintaining the delicate balance of nature and spirit.

Angelus Power Class I (List by Level)

The angelus is a healer, adviser, sage, trusted companion, caretaker of the soul, defender of the faith, and much more. They are the spiritual intermediaries between the material world and the realms of the divine and act as its protector against evil forces both natural and infernal.

angelus altarThey have great knowledge of the spiritual world inculding the realm of deities, elemental forces, hostile and benevolent spirits, angels and demons, and other such things that are beyond the reach of everyday folk. Invested with momentous gifts from God, the angelus provides spiritual guidance and leadership to their people, and gives them strength and succor in times of peril. They can be from a variety of faiths allowing for a wide variety of backgrounds and character personalities.