Angelus Class Powers

Angelus Powers List by Level

class angelus crossLevel 1:

Ceremony I:
Blessings of the Divine I

Blessing II (Create Holy Water):
Touch of Divinity II

Healing/Cure II (Single Target - In Combat):
Divine Gift II

Stance (Covering) II:
Take Cover II

Training IV (Special):
Medical IV (Humanoid)

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Cloth Shield II:
Cloth Armor II:
One-handed Large Blunt II:

Combat Training II (Attack - Touch - Class Weapon):
Scintillating Angelic Scepter II

Defense: AOE
Fire Shield - Defense (Lethal)
Aura of Sunlight - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Read Aura:
100% - Detect PL (Free)
100% - Detect Soul (Free)
100% - Detect Alignment (Free)

Level 2:

Ceremony I:
Ritual of Divinity I

Stances I: (Attack)
Offensive Stance I

Detect Energy Type IV:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Out of Combat Buff II (Ally - Health): +40 Health
Heavenly Strength II

Personal Detaunt III (Single Target):
Burst of Light III

Stance (Devout) IV:
Devotional Stance IV

Level 3:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Energy Type IV:

Locate I: Class Contact
Locate Angelus I (Uncommon)

Summoning II (Limited):
Summon Class Weapon II (Scintillating Angelic Scepter)

Combat Buff IV (Free Action): Healing +2 per 1%
Eternal Blessing IV

Boost I (Critical Substitution):
Boost Critical (Staggered) I

Boosts I:
Boost Armor I

Level 4:

Movement IV: Glide (Self)
Angelic Wings IV

Stances I: (Increase Armor Defense)
Defensive Stance I

Training II: +10 to influence (Reason/Petition)
Divine Plea II

Creation (Uncommon) II: (Light)
Solar Flare II

Non-combat Buff IV (Bonus Health): +80
Touch of Jaomana IV

Combat Training II (AOE - Class Weapon): +20% damage
Fiery Wrath II

Increase Spiritual Healing II: +40%
Councilor II

Level 5:

Combat Buff II (Ally - Attack Boost): Limited (Free Action)
Divine Guidance II

Training II (Religious): +10 to next Dispel Curse attempt (Item)
Spiritual Cleansing II

Recovery II (Effect):
Recovery II (Staggered)

Locate I: Social Contact (Religion)
Locate Patron of Divinity I (Uncommon)

Artistic Creation I (Sculpting): +10 religious items
Inspiration I

Training II (Healing):
Medical II (Animal)

Level 6:

Energy Substitution IV
: (detect 100%)

Training (Combat) I:
2 Attacks (Total)

Combat Training II (Attack - Long - Class Weapon): 81+
Sun Spear II

Class Item II (Training):
Sun Dagger II (Class Weapon)

Summon Item II (Combat):
Celestial Holy Symbol II

Healing Negative Health III (OOC):
Healing Touch III

Communication I: Distance
Messenger Dove I

Level 7:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Boost I:
Boost Attack I

Party Buff (Defensive - Limited - Class Enemy)
Shining Symbol II

Illusion IV (Personal) Limited
Pligram's Robes IV

Languages V (Ancient):
Blessing of the Ancients V

Level 8:

Attack II: Close (Chosen Enemy):
Holy Recitation II

Cure Poison III (Combat - Group): new save +15
Purged in Flame III

Enhancement II (Healing Self): +10 health on healing
Enpowered Spirit II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Angelic Chorus

Leadership Stance II: (Evasion +10)
Direct Escape II

Healing / Damage II (AOE):
Luminous Aura II

Level 9:

Heal Self (Minor) II (Instant - In Combat):
Hand of the Avatar II

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Dark Elementum

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Demonic Summoning

Boost I: Class Enemy
Boost Critical I

Ward II: Blasphemy
Sacramental Etching II

Movement III (OOC):
Trail of Light III

Level 10:

Bonding II (Divine Animal):
Nature Spirit II

Ambush II:
Retribution II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Holy Communion

Negate Terrain (Blinding) IV:
Second Sight IV

Gathering Bonus I (Herbs): +5
Nature's Bounty I

Combat Buff IV (Defensive):
Soothing Hands II

Level 11:

Detect Enemy IV:
(Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Unholy Rites

Training (Combat) II:
3 Attacks (Total)

Crowd Control IV (Personal):
Divine Protection IV

Ceremony I:
Blessings of the Faithful I

Divination Protection (Rare) III:
Angelic Aura III

Level 12:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Training I:
Alertness I - (+10 on resist vs ambush)

Defense II: (Passive) Extended Range (only)
Veil of Fire II - (+20) Defense (Lethal)
Veil of Sunlight II - (+20) Defense (Non-Lethal)

Cure Fear III (Group):
Strength of Sunlight III

Level 13:

Heal Negative Health II (Temporary):
Words of Vigour II

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Maleficent (Undead)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Healing/Armor IV (Single Target - Emergency):
Boon of the Faithful IV

Level 14:

Training II: Magical weapon
Tome II

Attack II: Magical Weapon (Tome) +8
Ancient Tome II

Energy Substitution: (detect 100%)
Angelic Chorus

Summon Item III (Combat):
Celestial Holy Symbol III

Level 15:

Combat Buff II (Ally - Defensive): Free action +20 armor
Sun Shield II

Divination II: (Enemy Direction) Free Action
Unfettered Sight II

Enhancement I (Spiritual Resistance): +10%
Gift of the Spirit I

Level 16:

Training (Combat) III:
4 Attacks (Total)

Ceremony II:
Prayer of Atonement II

Crowd Control II (Group):
Prayer of Hope II

Level 17:

Buff II (Combat): +20 attack / +20 critical
Fires of Almin II

Bonding II (Place - Holy):
Communion II

Detect II:
Detect Balance II

Level 18:

Creation II: (Mend Object)
Moment of Creation II

Combat Training II (AOE - Class Weapon): +30% damage
Fiery Wrath III

Healing II (Limited / Location):
Draw Strength II

Level 19:

Combat Training III (Attack - Long - Class Weapon): 71+
Sun Spear III

Ceremony II:
Last Rights II

Combat Buff II (Offensive - Self)
Divine Strike II

Level 20:

Travel III (Teleport):
Blessings of Light III

Healing/Critical Protection IV (Self - Emergency):
Gift of Serenity IV

Combat Buff IV (Offense):
Aura of Divinus IV

Level 21:

Stances II: (Attack)
Offensive Stance II

Training (Combat) IV:
5 Attacks (Total)

Class Training III (Attack - Class Weapon):
Scintillating Angelic Scepter III

Group Travel II (Evac):
Perilous Journey II

Level 22:

Ceremony II: Banish Demon or Aspect
Prayer of Banishment II

Item Use I: (once per combat)
Healing Altar I: +100 to one healing power

Level 23:

Stances II: (Increase Armored Defense)
Defensive Stance II

Ceremony I:
Ritual of Consecration I

Level 24:

Special Training II: (Construction)
Create Anti-teleport Barrier II

Ceremony II:
Funeral Prayer II

Level 25:

Training III: +15 to influence (Reason/Petition)
Divine Plea III

Activate Class Totem I:
Activate Divine Artifact I

Ceremony I:
Ritual of the Fallen I