Rules of Eternus (Medieval Fantasy RPG)

RPG Game Free Rules EternusGetting to Know the Rules: Unlike some RPGs Eternus is a game that, with a little effort practically anyone can learn to play. If you are an experienced role-player or a beginner we are confident that our system is the right game for you. The idea is a system that is easy to play and never becomes stale because you have so many choices. The combat system must offer the feel of real combat with a strong focus on tactics and exploiting weaknesses without bogging down and slowing the momentum of the game.

The system also offers a chance for each character to shine both on and off the field of glory so you can truly offer something unique to the party not just watch the action from the sidelines. We hope to create the new metric system of roleplay gaming where numbers round off easily and things easy to calculate but still retain the grit and surprises of realistic combat. Throw in the seamless integration of new skills and expert training and you have the perfect rpg gaming system.

Rules Overview: Most of the calculations for the player character have been done ahead of time so that it is easy to get started as a player. Player oriented gaming puts the focus of the game back on the player and maximizes game time allowing for short sessions to be fruitful. The combat is realistic with beginning players using crude attacks and working their way up to combos and finishing maneuvers that rival the best martial arts and fantasy movies. If you are not ready to be a Game Master then we suggest you just pick a premade character and dive in by playing one of our sample adventures. Once you know your way around come back and learn all of the rules and run a tabletop or online campaign for your friends. See: Picking a Premade Character

Character Levels | Experience | Power Classes | Power Levels | Power Level Conversion | Envoy Classes | Immortality | Levels and Efficiency |

Character Sheet: | |

Attacks: Attacks are powers that do damage to an enemy. They are separated by range and number of attackers affected. Attacks | Combo Attacks | Combo Completion |

Defensive Maneuvers: Defensive maneuvers increase your resistance to attack and protect you in a battle. Defense: | Armor | Armor (Magical) | Armor (Nonmagical) | Defensive Moves |

Attributes (8 primary)
| Attributes Starting Scores | Awareness | Potency | Ki Points |

: | |

Communication: | |

Commerce: | Currency | Prices | Professions | Crafting |

Conditions: | Death | Death (Healing) | Death (Negative Effects) | Divine Inspiration

: | |

Events: | Traps |

Influence: | Faction | Making Contacts | Hirelings
| Social Encounters | |

Actions: | Move Abilities | Free Actions | Instant Actions | Movement (Types) | Movement (Class) |

Items: | Items Equipping | Items Slots | Destruction Experience

Initiative: | Speed |

Using Items: | Magic Item Types | Magic Item Slots
| Magic Item (Activating) | Magic Item (Material Coordination) |

Surprise Round: | Ambush | Surprise |


Power Use: | Special Powers |

Energy Types: There are many different types of magical, mystical, and physical magic to use against your enemies.

Skills: | Starting Skills | Skill Points |

Professions: Professions are made up of four major areas, each with its own subsets. Artistic Professions | Crafting Professions | Gathering Professions | Knowledge Professions.
Enhancements: Enhancements are like training skills except that an enhancement is always in effect.

Special Abilities: These unique skills are only offered to members of a particular class and are the hallmark powers of the class.

Stances: Stances help a person to create advantages in combat and out and also dictate movement.

Instant: Instant powers come just before an attack and like stances they can help you gain an advantage on your attack or other actions.

Powers: Powers are abilities that perform combat and non-combat effects and typically takes one normal action to perform.

Physical Skills: | Stealth | Climb | Jump | Ride | Chase | Swim | Track | Wayfare | Disguise | Search | Medic (H) | Medic (P) | Medic (A) | Planar | Commune | Taunt | Secret | Break Object | Break Barrier | Heavy Object | Instant Stand (FA) | Tactics |

Health Overview: | Health Base | Health Bonus | Health Buff | Health Enhancement |

Tactics: | Weaknesses |

: |

Training Skills: Training skills are harder to learn than powers because they take skill points.

Training Rules: Training can be performed by a trainer, a class trainer or by magical means.

Training: | Power Points |