Medieval Fantasy RPG (Weaknesses)

player weaknesses tacticsWeaknesses: Each player character and monster in the Eternus system has specific weaknesses. These weaknesses make them more vulnerable to critical attacks which adds significantly to the total damage especially if you are in your favored range. For example heavy armor makes you more vulnerable (+20) to blunt attacks. Knowing and exploiting these weaknesses while protecting your own can give a player a serious edge which is needed for survival and to thrive in the game. Character weaknesses are listed on the character sheet but the monster weaknesses must be learned through playing the game.

Exploiting weaknesses: Exploiting a weakness gives you a heightened critical chances. The amount depends on your skill and the weakness protection but typically it is +20.

Protecting Weaknesses: Weaknesses can be shored up +10 at a time through enhancement points up to potential (uncommon (+20) for most characters unless you have a rare talent for protecting weaknesses. See: Rare Talents

Primary Skill Weaknesses: There are two different primary skill weaknesses.

armor weaknessesTypes of Weaknesses: There are many different types of weaknesses to exploit and protect allowing smart tactical use of theses weaknesses to allow a player to advance based on using his head and not just the luck of the dice.

Specific Weakness Types:
Armor Weaknesses: cloth | light | medium | heavy |
Magic Type Weaknesses: (one magic type for the first chosen and one for every five after.)
Character Chosen Weakness: (one magic type)
Heritage Magic weaknesses: (one magic type)
Class Enemy Magic: (one magic type)
Sworn Enemy Weakness: 1 specific creature only requires a Prayer and a Sacrifice: must be for a noble cause (PL equiv) (+10 on all rolls against them in combat and for all resistances they use against you. You also gain +10 on critical range.)
Terrain Weaknesses: creation (terrain) magic