Medieval Armor and Shields (Eternus)

Armor Bonuses EternusArmor Bonuses: There are ten different armor slots that represent ten vital points on a person. Each has a piece of armor and an efficiency associated with that armor. Each slot will have a different armor scores. These scores represent the efficiency of the protection for that area. These scores are added to get the total armor bonus. You also gain a health bonus for wearing armor. See: Armor Bonus

Individual Bonuses: Bonuses are 5 points per piece plus 1 per 10% quality. Add all ten bonuses including fractions and round the total up.

Standing Bonuses: Bonus to defense for standing and moving is +25. If you are knocked down or otherwise unable to avoid an attack you lose this bonus but not your base armor bonus.Base AC per piece of armor: (by type) +1 per quality.

Armor Types: (Starting)
Massive Armor
: (Rare: Champion | Proeliator)
Heavy Armor: (Champion | Proeliator)
Medium Armor: (Ancestral Guardian | Ritualist)
Light Armor: (Magus Arcanum | Shadow Warrior)
Cloth Armor: (Angelus | Armati)

Shields: Shield bonuses only come into play when a character wins initiative and readies a shield. Bonuse gained are +1 per shield bonus. A +1 shield gives +1 to armor when readied.