Combat Attacks (Eternus)

Combat AttacksAttacking: Attack potency of Power (01-100%) This number represents the characters ability to overcome the armor score of an enemy and do direct damage to them. These bonuses do not u=incled bonuses for fast or other attack enhancements.

The Triad: Many powers including attacks requires a power, an attribute score including training and a class equipable weapon capable of the attack known as the triad. If any of these are missing then the attack is reduced accordingly. For example a 35% attack with 35% talent and training and a +4 or 20% weapon would only produce a 20%v attack. If any of the three are lower than the other two this is the score you use.

1) Class Attribute Score and Training (1-100%)
2) Training in Specific Power (1-100%)
3) Magical Class Weapon or Unarmed Training (1-100%)

Attacks: Roll 1-100 to hit |

Number of Attacks: One attack and one additional attack per power level (max 5) The character on the offense gets all of their attacks for the round consecutively unless they lose the offense. (See below) | See: Attacks (Combos)

Damage Amounts: AOE (1|2) | Fast 20 | Normal 30 | Power 60 | Devestating 120 |

Conditions: On a perfect attack or on a ciritcal when you have used a special power like boost (critical) you can cause a condition to the enemy that they must attmpt to resist or recover. See: Combat Conditions | See: Recovering from Conditions |

Attack Range: Attacks can only be done within their specified range. There are five range types: | Extended | Long | Medium | Close | Touch |

Losing the Offense: Two Consecutive Misses in a row while on offense means the character loses the offense and their remaining attacks.

Gaining the Offensive: Two consecutive parries means the offender loses the defense and their remaining attacks