Choosing a Character Class to Play

rpg classes medievalCharacter Classes: A character class allows the player to gain many skills and powers through their class abilities without slowing down the action and robbing the fun. There are many different classes each with a different styles of play including unique powers and martial skills integrated seamlessly into the characters.

Quick Start: Sample Characters

ancestral guardian totemClass Choices: The following list contains the eight class choices. Each choice is vastly different to the others and puts you on a unique path which offers an opportunity to shine.

Ancestral Guardian: the ghost walker
Angelus: the blessed healer
Armati: the relentless swordmaster
Champion: the leader of the people
Magus Arcanum: the cunning mage
Proeliator: the terrifying warrior
Ritualist: the karmic protector
Shadow Warrior: the stealthy fighter

Making a Character Your Own

characters rpg eternusCharacter Class: A character class is just the beginning of the process of creating a unique character. Follow the links below to find out how to make a character that fits your exact style of play. Also check out the role playing tips for how to make your character come alive.

Backgrounds: A wide variety of backgrounds are available.
Unique Heritage: Heritages have unique powers and abilities.
Starting Powers: Powers unique to your background.
Role Playing Tips: Get a few tips on how to roleplay.
Character Building: Building a unique character.
Sample Characters: Choose from our new sample characters.