Proeliator Class

Proeliator Class Eternus RpgProeliator - At first glance, the Proeliator seems like a one-dimensional combat machine but first impressions in this case prove to be totally false. They are the soldiers, protectors, leaders, and keepers of the valiant tradition of honor and courage on the battlefield. The Proeliator thunders into combat with tower shields or wielding two weapons with a strength unparalleled by any other. They overcome enemies with the sheer force of their strength and skill with a weapon.

They can be surprisingly versatile and well rounded and have a large variety of useful skills and training. They provide a valuable defense for their allies and are powerful offensive weapons in their own right. A proeliator fueled with heroic zeal and presence of mind, is an invaluable member of any adventuring party.

Proeliator Power Class I (List by Level)