Medieval Fantasy RPG (Character)

Baderon Devereux (Background)Baderon Devereux ritualist

Motivation: To be an adventurer and to make a mark of the world. To fight evil with every fiber of his being.
Description: This human make os of average height, has brown hair and a long brown beard. He has brown eyes with a sparkle deep inside.
Family (Devereux): The Devereux family has a long history as a noble family of honorable reputation and intent. Their name carries weight, especially in the Southern Kingdoms. His mother and father are both alive and well.
Social Habits: He is moderately comfortable in most social situations except for singing in public. Despire his natural talen fear of public singing remains one of the few things that causes him extreme fear.

Topics of Idle Conversation: I love a nice meteor hammer in a melee fight. The entangling weapons are really nice against those pesky two handed weapon users, they direct the meteor hammer right around and get tangled up in the process. Its a two handed weapon itself but still I like it. I just like the way it feels I guess. Do you have a favorite weapon?

I really need a new pair of boots. These are uncomfortable but I never seem to get around to shopping for them. I like the way they look and all but they are really hard to take for a long time. I think I have a bruise.

I had a serious girlfriend back in Chapelen. She was from a great family with excellent prospects, at least thats what my father told me when he arranged the marriage. Her name was Zara. She wanted a different life from what I could give her so I broke off the engagement. She ended up marrying someone else, someone just like she wanted me to be. I always knew I couldn't be a part of the family business and she wanted a certain kind of life for herself. She was a social climber and I am the opposite of that. I needed to make it on my own. I would never have made it in that world. It is way more treacherous than a cave full of Red Spiderkin.

This is just like one of the old stories, isn't it. Were on a real live adventure. Maybe a little too much like them sometimes.

I never really felt like I was a noble. What had I done to deserve such special treatment. It would have been a waste of my life to go through the motions. I really wish my best friend Rachael had understood. You would have liked her I think. She started acting weird when I broke off my engagement. She seemed really happy at first then when I told her I was leaving she got really quiet. Do you think she was mad at me? I miss her. She had the best smile.