Ritualist Class Powers

Ritualist Powers List by Level: Karma

medieval fantasy rpg itemsLevel 1:

Ritual II: Warding (Instant Protection: Damage)
Ward of Presidium II

Ritual II: Cleansing (Remove Curse: Person or Item)

Purification Ritual II

Class Item II (Training):
Rune Etched Glass Grandstaff II (Class Weapon)

Languages IV (Deru): +80
Whispers of the Forest IV

Stance (Covering) II:
Take Cover II

Training IV (Animal):
Animal Training IV: (bird, feline, feral, mount, or serpent)

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Medium Armor II:
Medium Shield II:
One-Handed Entangling II:

Combat Training II (Attack: AOE +10 Class Weapon):
Ritual of Air II

Defense: AOE
Attune Chakra - Defense (Lethal)
Tempest Runes - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Read Aura:
100% - Detect PL (Free)
100% - Detect Soul (Free)
100% - Detect Alignment (Free)

Level 2:

Detaunt II (Self - Single):
Dharmic Countenance II

Stances I: (Attack)
Offensive Stance I

Detect Energy Type IV:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Stance (Karma) IV:
Meditative Stance IV

Detect Weather IV:
Weather Sense IV

Medical Human II (Training):
Triage II

Summon Class Weapon II (Limited):
Summon Rune Etched Glass Grandstaff (Class Weapon)

Level 3:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Energy Type IV:

Training IV (Special: Animal): Handle two types
Animal Training IV: (bird, feline, feral, mount, or serpent)

Boost I (Critical Substitution):
Boost Critical I (Entangled)

Noncombat Buff II (Health):
Sigil of Power II

Locate I: Class Contact
Locate Ritualist I (Uncommon)

Level 4:

Boosts I:
Boost Armor I

Negate Terrain II:
Negate Terrain II (Windy)

Movement II (Group: In Combat):
Flash of Air II (Movement: Group)

Healing II (Negative Damage: Out of Combat):
Targeted Healing II (Slow)

Training I:
Quickening I: +1 on Initiative

Enhanced Senses I:
+10% to perception (innate skill)

Movement II (OOC):
Traveler's Song II

spiral runes of the RitualistLevel 5:

Training (Combat) I:
2 attacks total

Defense: (Passive) Extended Range (+20)

Protective Storm (+20) - Defense (Lethal)
Turbulent Maelstrom (+20) - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Communication II: (Animal)
Mindlink II (Animal)

Negate Terrain (Party) II:
Aura of the Windwalker II (Windy)

Detect (Karma) IV: +40 - Omens or triggers of bad karma
Read Aura IV

Terrain Creation II: (Combat: Windy)
Summon Winds II

Detect Energy Type IV:

Level 6:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Instant Buff (Communication: Negative Health Only)
Spirit Bond IV

Combat Buff II (Ally: Resistance Boost) Free +40: 1 per rest
Mantra of Purity II

Movement Bonus (OOC: Limited) +20 to OOC move (non-city) Shamans Footsteps II

Boost I:
Boost Attack I

Recovery IV (Class):
Recovery IV (Entangled)

Level 7:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Training IV (Special):
Medical IV (Animal)

Attack II (Medium - Limited):
Spirit Whip II

Buff I (Combat):
Boost Speed II

Familiar II (Attack):
Special Bonding II (Uncommon Familiar: Arctic Wolf)

Level 8:

Enhancements II:
Enhanced Constitution II: +40 Health

Ritual IV (Blessing: Limited) Protect Relative or Spirit Bonded
Ancestral Blessings IV

Familiar Ability II (Tracking: Uncommon)
Windwalker II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Leadership Stance II: (Resistance: All +10)
Spiritus Steti II

Boosts I:
Boost Critical I (Class Enemy)

ritualist spiral runesLevel 9:

Training (Combat) II:
3 attacks total

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Dark Starlight

Combat Detaunt II (Target Transfer):
Touch of Presidium II

Buff II (OOC - Armor Repair):
Rune of Protection II

Familiar Boost II (Alertness): +10 party alertness | +20 self
Eyes of the Wolf II

Transformation IV (Shapeshift: Animal):
Animal Spirit IV (Hawk)

Level 10:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Combat Buff I (Critical):
Boost Perfect Damage I

Creation II (Weaken Object - AOE):
Weakening Aura II

Locate I:
Locate Place I (Underground Cavern)

Debuff IV (Cause Fear):
Spirit of Vengence IV

Combat Buff IV (Offense):
Karmic Surge IV

Level 11:

Negate Terrain IV (Blinding: Party)
Eyes of the Shaman IV

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:


Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Training IV (Special):
Medical IV (Plant)

Level 12:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Familiar Attack II (AOE):
Arctic Frost II

Create II (Extradimensional Space):
Elemental Fortress II

Group Healing III (Sacrificial):
Gift of Nature III

ritualist magical energyLevel 13:

Training (Combat) III:
4 attacks total

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Shapeshift IV (Animal):
Animal Spirit IV (Bear)

Stance I:
Defensive Stance I ( Armor)

Level 14:

Creation II (Weaken Object):
Karmic Dissolution II

Stance II: (Stealth)
Softstride II

Locate Place I (Sacred Tree)

Healing III (Neg Health - OOC):
Sacred Chant III

Level 15:

Cure Party II (Poison):
Dark Storm II

Healing and Cure III (Self):
Nature's Vigor III

Attack II (Extended Range):
Dharmic Arrows II

Level 16:

Crowd Control II (AOE - Personal):
Sphere of Purity II

Communication IV (Group: Telepathic):
Group Mind IV

ritualist's prayer beadsLevel 17:

Training (Combat) IV:
5 attacks total

Combat Buff II (Defensive: Support - IC):
Divine Inspiration II

Shapeshift IV (Animal):
Animal Spirit IV (Wolf)

Movement II (OOC: Hover):
Windrider II

Level 18:

Healing IV (Neg Health - IC):
Temporal Flux

Ward II (Sanctuary):
Protective Aura II

Pursuing Stance II:
Trailing Footwork II

Level 19:

Party Buff II (Perception):
Keen Senses II

Buff II (Healing - Noncombat):
Regeneration II

Bond I:
Bond I (Terrain)

Level 20:

Familiar Attack: Flanking

Wave of Heat - Flanking Attack (Fire) - Fast attacks +50 / Average +25 / Power +0
Retaliate - Flanking Attack (Non-lethal) - Fast attacks +50 / Average +25 / Power +0

Party Buff II (Alertness):
Ritual of Attention II

Support II (Defense):
Ritual of Sacrifice II

ritualist's canine familiarLevel 21:

Group Travel III (Evac):
Ritual of Return III

Creation II (Item - Healing):
Create Healing Stones II

Shapeshift IV (Animal):
Animal Spirit IV (Tiger)

Level 22:

Divination I:
Divination I (Enemy)

Stances II: (Increase Armored Defense)
Defensive Stance II

Level 23:

Divination I (Single Action)
Read Omens I

Summoning II (Shield):
Summon Dharmic Shield II (Class)

Level 24:

Creation IV (Quake):
Groundshake IV

Terrain Creation III (Combat):
Summon Fog III

Level 25

Warding II (Movement):
Ward of Temporal Disolution II

Activate Class Totem I:
Activate Mystic Circle I

Buff II (Combat - Self):
Karmic Retribution II

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