Armati Character Class

armati class eternus rpgArmati: An Armati is an elegant and awe-inspiring hero with amazing agility and unbelievable sword skills. Their enemies often underestimate them because of their lack of brute strength and don't realize that they can hold their own in melee as well as any skilled warrior. Attacking with a trademark speed and grace the Armati uses the battlefield to his or her advantage moving swiftly and surely.

Armati Power Class I (List by Level)

An Armati is a sword master who emphasizes finesse and precision over brute strength, and relies on speed, skill and agility instead of armor. In fact they wear little or no armor, relying on their training, agility and instincts to evade attacks. Because they’re relatively unencumbered, they’re fast and mobile, and with experience they can improve their speed and acrobatic prowess further to incorporate elaborate maneuvering and powerful striking techniques. While many Armati are famous for their swordsmanship, they have a wide variety of martial weapons available to them. Armatis combine amazing stealth and incredible fighting skills making them very versatile. They see mastery of the sword as a path to spiritual refinement and the extended training and practice required as a method to achieve that end.

armati spadone sheathedThe Armati uses a system of armed or unarmed combat that is passed down from teacher to student through a traditional grueling and usually secretive method of training. Most Armatis follow a strict code of honor and conduct.

Armatis use a wide variety of techniques including unique sword styles, combining armored gauntlets, shield striking, throwing, and much more. All of the forms require incredible endurance and dedication to master.

Code of Honor: All Armati must follow the Armati's Code of Honor and maintain a Lawful alignment. Failure to do so results in becoming an outcast. The code is as follows: “The Armati is obedient and respectful of the laws of the lands as long as those laws are just. It is a Armatis’ right to protest against unjust orders or actions from the law but they will not break the law except to save an innocent life. The Armati is ready to protect innocents at any time and at all costs. Protections of innocents and of the laws of justice are the greatest services a Armati can perform. Dishonor to a single Armati is dishonor to all. All debts, of honor or otherwise, are repaid in full. An enemy deserves mercy and may surrender as long as he doesn’t threaten a life. Cowardice is dishonorable. A life well lived in the pursuit of goodness and truth is the ultimate goal. Armatis challenge evil, inspire goodness, and test their metal against their enemies whenever possible.