Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Power Classes - In the same way four levels make up a power level a group of five power levels makes a power class. They are points at which your character changes and forges a new path and may choose a new class tree. A proeliator may multicalss and become a magus arcanum. Twenty-five leves later he or she may then become a spellsword. Long and difficult and expensive training is required when you raise a power class.

Gaining a Power Class: Gaining a power class represent a massive advancements and new understanding of your class or artisan skill and as such requires much more than average training. They require a great struggle and when achieved offer a whole new view on how to do things. These are massive leaps forward and require training from someone who has mastered the next power class for that class to train you for 1 day per power to be learned. This can be very expensive and hard to find particularly for the master class who must train with another master for 100 days of grueling training.

There are four mortal power classes.

PC1 Initiate: At 1-20 you are PC1 and an initiate.

PC2 Adept: 21st through 40nd you are PC2 and are an adept.

PC3 Journeyman: 41 through 60th you are PC3 and are an journeyman.

PC4 Expert: 61 through 80th you are PC4 and are an expert.

PC5 Master: 81 through 100th you are PC5 and are an master.

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