Medieval Fantasy RPG Rules (Tracking)

physical skill trackingTracking: Tracking is a skill that allows you to determine from the remains of footprints and other evidence to follow an enemy or enemies to determine their location or to catch them as they flee.

Type: Physical
Range: Medium (10’)
Tools: No
Duration: Instant
Time: One attack

Track Slowly (Move 1/2 +10) / Track Quickly (Move x2 -10)

T-0: Follow Marked Trail
T-10: Find common animal trails
T-15: Find Water
T-20: Leave a Marked trail
T-25: Follow Common Tracks
T-30: Find Common Displacement
T-35: Guess size and weight by tracks
T-40: Identify a known track (Memorized)
T-45: Countertracking: Cover Trail (small area: 10' x 10')
T-50: Memorize a track (Known Track)
T-50: Analyse Common Displacement
T-55: Countertracking: Obscure Party Trail
T-60: Recover from a lost trail. (once per loss)
T-70: Cover Trail (while tracking)
T-75: Follow Uncommon Track
T-80: Analyse Key Prints