Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Training Points: A player gets 1 free skill points per power level but additional points can be gotten through magical means such as through the use of totems (Martial or divine) or Spells (Magical). They can also be bought through time, effort, and money. A typical PL1 (Power Level 1) skill takes 8 hours to begin to learn and 8 hours per PL of the skill over PL1. It cost of magical or martial training if it can be found and secured is the same as an item of ½ the same PL as the skill.

Starting Skills and Powers: Each character typically receives one skill points per 5% effeciency at level 1 that can be used on any skill. All of these are chosen by the players.

Skill Points: Skill points can be split and divided between skills as the person receiving them sees fit. Some skills are more substantial and may cost more than one skill point. Some may have automatic upgrades as you gain levels and others may not.

Level Bonuses: Each player receives 1 additional skill points per level so gaining levels will give you better use of your skills.