Medieval Fantasy RPG Rules (Riding a Mount)

riding physical mountRiding a Mount: Riding a Mount is a skill that allows you to get on or off a mount as well as ride on horseback and also to do some tricks and other special maneuvers available only on a mount.

T-30: Normal Riding
T-35: Fast Mount (move vs. round)
T-35: Command the Mount to Jump
T-40: Resist Common Knockdown (Mounted)
T-40: Swim (plus modifiers)
T-45: Guide the Mount with your Knees
T-45: Pull a plow or wagon
T-50: Hang to the Side and Take Cover (Common)
T-50: Ride while carrying a rider (medium)
T-55: Create a common saddle (10 min + leather or other)
T-65: Aid in attack or defense of their rider (+5%)
T-70: Ride into a dangerous situation (not combat)
T-75: Land from a moving object (or horse) onto a horse with a cooperative rider. (*1)
T-80: Wait in a location untied and alone. (24 hours max)
T-85: Fast Mount (move vs. round) w rider
T-100: Land from a moving object (or horse) onto an unridden horse. (*1)
T-120: Land from a moving object (or horse) onto a horse with a uncooperative rider. (*1)
T-120: Ride into a uncommonly dangerous situation.

(*1) This is only to land without spooking or upsetting the horse causing it to buck. See jumping for the required jump roll if any.

Modifiers: (Reduce)
+10 - Trot (x2 movement)
+10 - Carry a unsure load like a 2nd rider.
+35 - Gallop (x3 movement)
+40 - Carry a shifting load like an unconscious person.
+50 - Navigate Common Terrain.
+65 - Run (x4 movement)
+100 - Navigate Uncommon Terrain.

Note: Only medium range attacks or longer can be used while on horseback or against someone on horseback unless you are riding the same horse.

Special: See: Combat Riding