Magical Armor (Eternus)

Magical Armor Eternus RPGArmor (Nonmagical): Nonmagical armor comes in four types just like magical armor. It can be adjusted to fit different body types with leather straps and offers basic protection from low level weapons and magic. There are ten pieces and each piece is 5 points base of AC. (10 in total = 50 base) Nonmagical armor is effectively +0. It is usually used by beginning adventurers, unskilled guards, mercenaries, military trainees and etc due to its low price. A Magical Armor of Eternusfull suit can be had for 10 silver at most armor and magic shops.

Heavy (Champion / Proeliator)
Medium (Armati / Shadow Warrior)
Light (Ancestral Guardian / Ritualist)
Cloth (Angelus / Magus Arcanum)