Rules of Hiring (Hirelings)

Hiring Transportation EternusHiring Transportation - Hiring transportation can be a dangerous affair and should not be done lightly. Cutthroats are known to pose as caravans so only reputable people should be used. The cost can vary depending on the distance and danger. The roads of Eternus can be traveled without them but this can be an even more dangerous business so it is best to be avoided when possible particularly at lower levels.

Hiring Other Help - Value of an NPCs Time: The general value of a persons time is 5 copper per minute x their PL x their general overall efficiency. This is half of the item cost of the spell. This means the higher level and better trained and equipped a person is the more it will cost to hire them to cast buffs and make items. For example a well trained (efficiency 50%) magus arcanum of PL5 would typically charge (5c x 50 x 5) per minute. This 1250 copper or 12.5 gold per minute. A pretty hefty sum.