Character Training (Mental)

taunting skill angry characterTaunting I: You are skilled at inducing opponents to attack you. As an instant action, you can taunt an opponent that threatens you, has line of sight to you, can hear you, and has an Intelligence of 01% or higher. When the taunted opponent starts its next turn, if it threatens you and has line of sight to you, it must make a resistance versus fear or it attacks you exclusively during this round. If it kills you, knocks you unconscious, loses sight of you, or otherwise is unable to make melee attacks against you, it may make any remaining melee attacks against other foes, as normal. A taunted creature can still perform other actions normally.

T-0: Determine Enemy Rage
T-25: Cool Down Common (Reduces agro 1pt)
T-30: Taunt Common Enemy (Random)
T-40: Maintain Attention (Common - Intelligent)
T-45: Switch taunting Targets in Combat
T-60: Taunt Common Enemy (Intelligent)
T-70: Maintain Attention (Uncommon - Intelligent)
T-75: Cool Down Uncommon (Reduces agro 2pts)
T-80: Taunt Uncommon Enemy (Random)
T-110: Taunt Uncommon Enemy (Intelligent)

Modifiers: (Increase)
-10 per - Leading a Group of taunters (Max 6)
-20 - Slow Taunt (move vs boost action)

Modifiers: (Reduce)
+15 - Moving Taunt
+20 - Taunt Quickly (Instant vs boost)
+35 - Distance Taunt (over 20' away)
+50 - Taunt an Enemy already enraged
+50 - Lost Perception (Common Wound): Loss of perception
+100 - Lost Perception (Uncommon Wound): Loss of perception