Rules of Eternus (Movement)

movement distanceMovement: Movement is not just an afterthought it is integrated into the heart of the system so that movement will represent actual situations as they come up in combat. For example a running stance can be taken to increase movement when quick movment is needed while taking a covering stance requires you to stand still.

Stances: Each stance allows for a certain distance that can be moved and can range from 0 to great distances but average around 30 feet while running and 5 feet while in other stances unless you have class training in movement. Traveling a distance of 5' would be roughly equal to the speed of a person walking at a average pace while thirty is the average run speed of a person. This speed can be changed by different movement abilities and stances so check your class powers for more details. See: Classes

Speed Bonus to Movement: You can move an extra 5' square per +2 speed bonus while walking and one 5' square per +1 while running.

Movement Abilities: Movement abilities can be used once per turn; at the beginning or at the end of their attacks.

Movement (Percentages): A turn lasts for one second. Movement is based on the fastest possible speed of 50 feet per second.

Normal (Free) Types of movement – Every player has all of the normal types of movement listed below and can use them exactly the same as bought skills though to lesser effect.

Stationary Movement - The allow for no movement but offer other advantages.

Stand Quietly – You stand quietly trying to focus on what is around you. +5 to perception. (0 feet)

Crouch – You stop and crouch defensively to make yourself a smaller target. +5 AC/+5 stealth (0 feet)

Starting Movements - can be started from a stationary or action movement.

Crawl – You crawl on your hands and knees or stoop and attempt to hide. +5 on hide checks. (5 feet)

Walk – You walk towards your destination at an average pace. (15 feet) -10 on stealth.

Slow search – You stand in one spot (5’ x 5’) searching every crevice for something out of the ordinary. (-25 on stealth / -5 on ambush)

Action Movements - Require a starting movement first.

Jog – (30 feet) You jog towards your destination at an average pace. -25 on stealth.

Run – (50 feet) You run towards your destination at an average pace. -25 on stealth / -25 to all rolls

Search – You walk around a large spot (10’ x 10’) searching briefly for something out of the ordinary. (Movement area limited) (-25 on stealth / -5 on ambush)

Fast search - You run through an area (20’ x 20’) searching each area very briefly for something out of the ordinary. (Movement area limited) (-25 on stealth / -5 on ambush)