Rules of Eternus (Speed)

character running quicklySpeed: A character has a speed rating that indicates how quick he is in relation to other characters and also tells how fast you move and react in many different situations. It typically increases at each power level by +1 and is added to your initiative roll to get your adjusted speed for that turn. Adjusted speed also determines how far you move and when you react. The higher the score the faster you move both.

Example: A Magus Arcanum (Player Character) has +4 in magically adjusted speed and the Dark Magus (Enemy) has a target of T-16. They engage in combat. The good mage rolls a 13 when adjusted for +4 makes it a 17 so the Magus wins initiative. The good mage attacks offensively before the other and can complete his turn before the other is able to mount an offensive attack.

Speed Bonuses: Speed bonuses may be gained in many ways such as movement skills and spell enhancements.