Rules of Eternus (Spiritual)

religion communingCommune I: Communing with the God typically relies on a specially concecrated holy place, intense concentration that is strengthened with training, and most importantly a sincire and unselfish desire to do the right thing however it can be done from anywhere two or more people come together to honor God.

Time: Ten Minutes
Pray Slowly (Four Hours) | Pray Quickly (One round)

T-0: Commune (Envoy) Req: Stillness
T-10: Commune (Unique) Req: Stillness
T-25: Commune (Rare) Req: Stillness
T-35: Find Sacred Area (Common)
T-40: Evaluate Sacred Area (Common)
T-45: Correct Sacred Area (Common)
T-50: Commune (Uncommon) Req: Stillness
T-50: Find Sacred Area (Uncommon)
T-55: Evaluate Sacred Area (Uncommon)
T-60: Correct Sacred Area (Uncommon)
T-75: Commune (Common) Req: Stillness
T-85: Find Sacred Area (Rare)
T-90: Evaluate Sacred Area (Rare)
T-95: Correct Sacred Area (Rare)
T-110: Find Sacred Area (Unique)
T-115: Evaluate Sacred Area (Unique)
T-125: Correct Sacred Area (Unique)