Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Power Levels: As a player upon reaching a new power level you get a new glimmer of understanding of your art. They are special levels where you receive new powers and a larger amount of skill points than regular levels. Power levels are benchmarks that are similar to levels but while levels represent small jumps in power a power level represents a big breaktrhough and a large jump in power. They require extra training and effort on the part of the character. At levels 1 through level 4 your character is PL1 or power level 1. When they get enough experience for level 5 they receive the opportunity to train for PL2 or level 5-8. Until that training is done they remain level 4 however. All of the common and special powers must be trained in for them to advance to the new PL. Once the training is completed they are level 5 and are officially PL2. At this time they gain all of their new PL2 powers and skills.

Power Level Rankings: Items, encounters and others things are geared to a particulal power level and may give you an idea of the cost, danger, potential power, or etc associated with an item, monster or quest.

What is PL?: PL is short for power level and represents the relative power of a person or item of power. Mortal Power Levels range from PL1 to PL24. Immortal levels are 25+.

Power Level Bonuses: Each power level opens up new powers as well as an extra attack attempt and boosts in existing abilities so it is a great increase for a character. (See below for more info)