Currency (Eternus)

Magic Item ConditionCurrency - The currency of Eternus consists of Precious Metals and gems. Each coin or gem is worth x10 more than the one above it on the list. ie 10 to 1 ratio. Note: Coinage above Rhodium is very rarely seen and is often traded for very expensive items or to pay a provinces debt for example.

Human Coinage

1) Copper
2) Silver
3) Ruthenium
4) Palladium
5) Gold
6) Platinum
7) Rhodium
8) Tiny Meteorum Sapphirus (Blue Meteoric)
9) Tiny Meteorum Rubens (Red Meteoric)
10) Tiny Meteorum Argentum (Shimmering Meteoric)
11) Dragons Eye (Tiny)
12) Dragons Eye (Small)
13) Dragons Eye (Medium)

Special: Dragons Eye (Large) * Priceless - Only a handfull in existance.

Elven Coinage (only traded among elves) Note: Higher denominations are the same as human.

1) Copper - plain copper coins
2) Moon Pieces – Silver – Moon on the front and a forest on the back
3) Sun Pieces – Ruthenium – Sun on the front and a river on the back..
4) Silver Pine – Tiny Bronze pine cone
5) Jeweled Iron Pieces – 1 to 1 SD = (Cold Iron +4) Picture of a naked nymph on the front and a beautiful lake on the other.
6) Dragon Pieces – Picture of a dragon’s head on one side and a dagger on the other.
7) Queens Silver – Picture of the queen on one side and a picture of a beautiful waterfall on the other.
8) Kings Silver – Picture of king and on other a picture of a bow and sword.