Medieval Fantasy RPG Rules (Stealth)

physical skill stealth Stealth: Stealth is the ability to do things without notice either by being very quiet or by avoiding being seen. When trained in stealth you can choose to avoid areas of increased visability choosing instead to aviod being seen.

Range: Personal (You)
Methods: Physical
Time: Instant
Focus: Hard Shoes or armored boots
Required: Stealthy Stance
Limits: You must be able to freely move to perform stealth maneuvers.

T-35: Silently Whisper (0' comm. 0'move)
T-40: Hide in Silence (Req: Move 0 / Concealment 100%)
GM: Event (Avoid Encounter): Hide silently to avoid being seen by others. Cannot Ambush
T-45: Quietly Move Object
T-50: Silent Mechanical Use
T-55: Silent Movement
T-60: Hide in Waiting - (Ambush an Enemy)
T-65: Silently Open Portal
T-70: Follow Enemy (Common)
T-70: Conceal Power Use (Common)
T-70: Conceal Physical Action (Common)
T-75: Silent Fall
T-80: Silent Range Attack
T-100: Silent Attack
T-110 Silent Swimming
T-115: Follow Enemy (Uncommon)

Modifiers: (Improve)
(-20) Focused Concealment (Full Round: 0 movement / Concealment 100%) Restriction: Hide Skills Only

Modifiers: (Reduce)
+10 - Leading a group.
+20 - Fast (x2 movement)
+50 - Navigate Common Terrain.
+65 - Run (x4 movement)
+100 - Navigate Uncommon Terrain