Character Levels (Eternus)

character levels eternusCharacter Levels: In Eternus you typically start out as an unseasoned but capable adult at level 1. You have many skills but no real combat experience. You often have the basic training for one of the eight adventuring classes and perhaps even a profession that allows you to pay the bills while you prepare to pursue your dreams. If you are lucky you may even be able to make a particular type of magical items. Some characters may start out wealthy but most start out with few resources and must add powers and magical items as you progress to boost your power and health as well as protect you in combat.

Advancing in Levels: As your level advances you travel up the ranks to a to a grizzled and hardened veteran with 100 levels of experience under your belt. At this level the power of the character pushes the limits of mortal possibility. It is possible to go beyond 100th level but that requires nothing less that the direct assistance of an avatar and acceptance is not certain. Immortal characters are extremely rare and most people go an entire lifetime without meeting one. The same can be said for a high level mortal character for that matter. Adventuring is almost always an extremely dangerous business and most either die or retire before reaching those heights.

Character Levels: Mortal Character Levels (1-100): Mortal levels range from level one to 100 and become harder to obtain as you increase in levels. Characters usually start out at level 1.

Gaining Levels: Levels are gained quickly by characters that are gaining experience using their active skill sets. Your character quickly learns how to use their skills and many can progress quickly gaining an average of one level per sitting.

Average Level Gain: The average low level character can expect to gain at low levels one level per per four hour session. Remember however that level gain varies depending on what the character is doing. You receive minor advances when you increase a level unless that level is a power level.

Gaining a Level: When you get a level you get 2 skill points and one enhancement point. You can use these immediately or save them to buy skills later. Skill are not available instantly and must be trained in before they take effect.

Experience: 1,000 xp points per character is required to gain a level.

Immortal Character Levels (101+): To progress to 101st level requires the assistance of a deity. This is not granted lightly and only for the great benefit of the deity or the great benefit of their followers. See below for more on that as well.