Medieval Fantasy RPG - Making Contacts

Making and Using Contacts (Influence) - Contacts are people who are willing to part with information because they are sympathetic to you, your cause, or simply to get paid for it. They are rated by a combined score (useful info +1-50 and confidentiality 1-50) The best contacts (100%+) are often very useful and always keep their mouth shut. Because of this one 50% contact (25-25) may be vastly different from another (48-2). As a general rule look for contacts that can keep a secret when your dealing with sensitive information and/or are in a location where you are not likely to be found out by potential enemies or other adventurers who may have been sold the same information. If you want to know something and don't care who else knows it then just pick the one with the best info and ignore the score but remember once information is out there someone might be using it so know when it is important to chose correctly and in those cases choose wisely.