Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Running I (In combat)
T-40 - Brisk Walk (x2 movement)
T-55 - Fast Start or Stop (move vs. round) Effect: This skill allows you to take off from a dead stop quickly and negate any loss of momentum from stopping.
T-65 - Jog (x3 movement)
T-70 - Full Run (x4 Move)
T-90 - Sprint (x5 Move)

Modifiers: (Improve)
(-25) Downhill Common
(-75) Downhill Uncommon

Modifiers: (Reduce)

+0 - Navigate Steady Terrain
+10 - Lead a group.
+25 - Uphill Common
+45 - Run while carrying a shifting weight
+50 - Navigate Common Terrain.
+75 - Uphill Uncommon
+100 - Navigate Uncommon Terrain.

Failure: An normal failure means that you make no movement while a critical failure means you stumble and may fall.

Awareness save: Awarness 50% or you stumble and fall becoming prone and taking fall damage (10').