Character Attributes (Starting)

starting scoresStarting Attributes: At the start of play all characters start out with seven common attributes (10%) and one uncommon attribute (30%) which is usually their primary attribute for their chosen archetype (such as strength for a Proeliator). Each level gained all attributes go up by 5% per PL until you reach the last level of your power level.

Examples: Jon Batiste the Champion starts out as an inexperienced adventurer. His natural talent at influence is 30% (PL1) which determines how good he is at all of his characters class abilities. He can use weapons and gear up to 30% (+6). He trains to 50% with a trainer (uncommon) in the long sword. He gets a +5 (25%) sword and attacks. Since he has 30% / 30% / and 25% he gains the lowest of the three or +25 to attack.