Medieval Fantasy RPG

Surprise Round: If you perceive the enemy and they don’t perceive you a surprise attempt can be made against their alertness target to attempt to surprise them. A win means you get an extra attack you also gain +1 per 10% of your alertness bonus on initiative for the next volley of attacks. An unsuccessful attempt means that you roll combat initiative as usual.

Being Surprised: When a combat starts, if you are not aware of your opponents and they are aware of you, you’re surprised.

Surprise Round: If some but not all of the combatants are aware of their opponents, a surprise round happens before the regular rounds begin. Any combatants aware of the opponents can act in the surprise round, so they roll for initiative. In initiative order (highest to lowest), combatants who started the battle aware of their opponents each take a standard, instant and free action during the surprise round. If no one or everyone is surprised, no surprise round occurs.

Determining Surprise: Sometimes all the combatants on a side are alert to their opponents, sometimes none are, and sometimes only some of them are. Sometimes a few combatants on each side are alert and the other combatants on each side are unaware.

Using the Senses: Using senses may give a hint that a person is sneaking up on you. When this happens you may gain a bonus on alertness rolls.