Rules of Character Crafting

Professions Crafting: Crafted items are magical in nature and are made of gathered materials.

Preparation: To craft an item you need five different things: training in the recipe, the crafting tools, all the required ingredients, a forge, and the needed crafting station,

Failure: A failure means that you are having trouble with that stage of the job but it does not mean you must repeat that stage as long as your next attempt is successful. Two failures mean that you must abandon the attempt to make the item. If you fail to craft an item you do not lose anything except of course any fees pad for the use of a forge and/or crafting station.

Perfect Success: You gain a perfect understanding of the creation of this item. (Skip the next step of the item) Note: All perfect successes for common or uncommon items increases it to the next tier.

Critical Success: A critical success can create one of these helpful effects that must be exploited using special tools top give a bonus on the next crafting roll only. If they are not used or the tools are not available then the effect is lost. (Roll 1-4)

1) Perfect Form - T-10 - The cast of your items is perfect and you could use a diamond shaping hammer and chisel to improve the hardness and overall form.
2) Flowing Metal - T-20 - You have heated the forge to the perfect temperature to keep the metal from cooling too fast and shattering. Use of a reinforced slow quenching tub filled with water could make this much easier.
3) Isolated Impurities - T-30 - You have isolated many impure particles and can use precipitation hardening and a hard steel ladle and/or cutting tool to remove them.
4) Inspiration T+60 - The entire project seems to be going perfectly. You can use a quick quench cooling with an aquastone to kick this project into high gear. (Magical stone)

Perfect Failure: The project falls apart as you watch. You better get this under control and then get back to safety before you get hurt. (Note: Roll again and a success means you don't have an explosion but the item is an instant failure even if this is the first failure roll. A unrecovered failure means an explosion that does 20 points of damage plus 1 point per 1% of item.

Critical Failure: A critical failure can create one of these devastating effects that must be corrected before the crafter can continue. If they are not the project is a failure. (Roll 1-4)

1) Miscasting - T+10 - The cast of your items is misshapen and you must adjust it before you can continue.
2) Metal Cracking - T+20 - You must heat the forge to keep the metal from cooling too fast and shattering.
3) Rivets Melting - T+30 - The forge has gotten much too hot and you must cool it before the items melt.
4) Major Instability T+60 - The entire project seems to be falling apart at the seams. You are going to have to act fast o save this project.

Stages of creation: preparation / Stoke Furnace / (Master) Consecration / (Master) Blessing / (Master) Prepare Blast Furnace / (Expert) Adornments / (Journeyman) Forming / Shaping / Cooling

Target: Take the percentage of the item you are attempting to create and add +75 for an item of your level and +100 for one of a tier just above your level. Note: You cannot make or assist in making an item two tiers above your level.

Increasing Difficulty: Crafting gets more difficult as the items increase in skill. (See below)

Normal: +0
Uncommon: +10
Rare: +25
Unique: +50

Novice (0%): When you are a novice any item you create is above your tier so the target for a 10% item is 110%. Once you have your first success you gain a bonus of 3% + the 2% normal bonus so you jump to 5% skill upon your first success. Note: Slow crafting is the best way to overcome the novice tier.

Time: The amount of time to craft an item depends on both the difficulty of the item and how fast you plan to attempt to make it. (See below)

Time Chart: Times are per stage (each skill roll)

1) Common Item: Fast +0 (30 min) / Normal +25 (1 hour) / Slow +50 (4 hours)
2) Uncommon Item: Fast +0 (2 hours) / Normal +25 (4 hours) / Slow +50 (16 hours)
3) Rare Item: Fast +0 (8 hours) / Normal +25 (16 hours) / Slow +50 (64 hours)
4) Unique Item: Fast +0 (2 months) / Normal +25 (4 months) / Slow +50 (16 months)

Success: If you are successful you gain a crafted item with a 100% condition. You may also gain skill in your chosen profession. (See below)

Gaining Skill: You only gain skill for crafting items that are at or above your level. You do not gain skill in assisting in making an item. When you are an initiate you gain 2% skill for each time you craft an item of or above your level. When your skill rises to journeyman you get 1% skill on completion of a successful eligible item. When you become an expert you gain 1% skill for a critical success and when you become a master you gain 1% per perfect recipe. A perfect score gives you an additional 2% increase in skill except for master recipes or higher.