Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Curing a Negative Effect - To cure an injury, you must either use a poultice of sufficient level or rest for several days (see chart).

Stabilizing - Before an injury can be cured it must be stabilized so it causes no further injury. This can be done with an appropriate healing skill. The targeted score is injury number x2. So stabilizing a cut jugular takes a 38% score. Stabilizing takes 2 rounds. Note: Sometimes an injury cannot be healied and must be stabilized. In these cases the person cannot rise above 0 Strike Points until properly healed.

Healing Poultices - You need a poultice of the PL of the enemy and equal in percentage to the injury chart number x5. So a cut jugular requires a 95% poultice. Multiple injuries require multiple poultices. Applying a poultice takes 3 rounds. Like stabilizing an injury the targeted score is the injury number x2. So healing a cut jugular takes a 38% score.