Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Disguise: Your Overall disguise is the highest of your two disguise scores (if both are used). A secondary disguise is there as a back up in case the first fails.
Type: Awareness
Range: Touch (0’)
Methods: Physical
Tools: Yes (Disguise Kit: Common)
Duration: See below
Time: One minute

Natural Disguise is gained through training skill and a disguise kit while magical disguises require an illusion enhancement spell.

Effect: You attempt to disguise yourself as someone else.

Alt - Quick Disguise (1/2 time +0 on target)
Alt - Slow Disguise (x2 time +20 on target)

T-0: Alter Appearance: (10 minutes)
T-20: Retouch Disguise (must be done every 4 hours)
T-25: Deceive Common Viewer (4 Hours)
T-30: Prepare a non-specific disguise
T-45: Imitate gestures: (1 min)
T-55: Imitate Voice: (1 min)
T-60: Prepare a specific disguise
T-65: Imitation Advanced: (1 min)
T-75: Deceive Uncommon Viewer (4 Hours)