The City of Redcastle (Glocestershire)

glocestershire city redcastleRedcastle: A large township appears in the distance sitting atop a huge stone hill that is built atop a large plateau. It is surrounded by a large red brick wall watched over by towers every 50'. A circular tower of red stone that resembles a castle sits atop a larger hill in the center of the city.

Gates: The gates of the city are locked or barred and there is typically no entry at night. Usually, one gate lets in travelers after sunset and is staffed by guards who will open it for someone who presents proper papers and a legitimate reason.

Main Street (Redcastle): You enter the main city and find that it is bustling with activity. It is built around a circular courtyard at the base of one side of the red brick tower and castle that forms the heart of the town.

In the center of the courtyard there is a large statue that is shaped like a sword that is 30' tall and affixed to a pedestal.
The city is full of high stone towers some of which have curved walkways connecting high over the city to other towers. The towers all have patterns of light stone accenting the dark making them pleasing to the eye. The buildings are all well maintained and between the large towers lay large two and three story stone buildings each with small gardens and magical lanterns surrounding them. Between the buildings are well maintained roadways patrolled by the town’s guards.

Men move heavy carts loaded with red bricks cut into perfect blocks down the well paved streets on heavy carts pulled by teams of horses. Others labor at crafting in forges set up in open air stations on both sides of the entrance. Women and children seem in short supply in the city but the few that there are seem to be crowded around the front garden of a large and elegant building with a sign that reads "Peacock Feather Inn". (Beds and Pillows are Real Peacock feathers) (Excellent/Excellent) The children play as the women sip drinks from the veranda.

wooden cartYour guide a young wagonmaster named Baderon points it out to you: "The Peacock Feather Inn is really nice but very expensive. The people staying there are mostly made up of families of nobles and the few high ranking soldiers that can afford it. I believe the city commander stays there when he is not at work. From what I hear it is a palace. Get a good look because for us there is another palace that awaits in the adventurers' quarters. It is called the Crooked Palace. It's floors in the main room are a bit lopsided because of settling which helped it earn its strange moniker and it's discount rates for adventurers. Other than being a bit loud during the drinking hours it has served me well through several visits. Just don't drink too much in the main room. The tilt to the floor can be... well let's just call it a bit unsettling. The food at the Crooked Palace is excellent and included in the stay so if I were you I would save your money for gear and just eat there for all three meals. There is usually some decent entertainment at night too if you like song and stories."

Market District (Redcastle): He heads down the street past the Peacock Feather Inn dodging between laborers and carts almost effortlessly. After a few minutes you arrive at a huge large circular market area with shops and carts all around and he gestures around him. People are buying food and drink and having dinner at outdoor cafes. "This is the market district. You can buy food, drink, ingredients, and many other nonmagical items in this area. The Redcastle General Store over there is a good place for nonmagical things. You can get a 10% discount off of the magic shop prices for all nonmagical items and the selection is pretty good too. The main street here intersects with two other roads. The northern one is Sable Street and it leads to the Akira Ruins and the Southern one is Moonrise Street and it leads to the Adventurers quarters. If you keep going straight you get to the military district but that area is closed to outsiders. If we want in there we will have to earn the towns respect first. It feels like we are well on our way to that. Before we do anything else however we should check in with the guard Captain and let him know that his shipment is delayed. He has an office in the adventurers district. It's this way." He begins to follow the road to the south.

Senses: You notice that the military area seems to be in an enhanced state of readiness.

Moonrise Lane Adventurer's District (Redcastle): This part of the city is bustling with people as well but many of them are wearing armor and look to be adventurers or mercenaries. You see the Crooked Palace as you enter. There are also dozens of shops in this area that cater to adventurers, including an elaborate magic shop called Dawn's Magic Shoppe, a large tavern called The Brickhouse, and a smaller one called The Cage, Timmon's Training Academy and a huge building called Redcastle Guild Hall. Baderon points as the front double doors open and you see a huge area filled with dozens of forges all firing at full force.

"You know, I was just thinking. Maybe we can do some crafting and then some adventuring outside of town sometime in the near future. What do you think?" Before you can answer he stops the wagon. "Here we are, the Guard Captain's Office"

(Knight) Guard Captain's Office: Sir Roderick Noyers: (Redcastle): "Here we are. We will just check in and let him know what is going on and then you can look around. You are stopped at the entrance but Baderon seems to know the soldiers. "You need the Captain's permission to enter."

sunset over the city of redcastle eternusBaderon: "He's usually too busy to talk but I'll check in and then I'll be right back. Check out that sunset for a minute and I'll be right back. It's a nice one today." Baderon says and then goes inside. A few minutes later he comes back out.
Ok we are cleared so lets check into the Crooked Palace and then we can go to Dawn's Magic Shoppe and have a look around or if you have been there before check out some new places."

Fortifications and Defensive: Uncommon Towers and Walls (Fortified Blocks from Mine)
Guards and Soldiers: Heavily Guarded
Purpose: Trading Post | Undercity Mining (Fort and Siege Blocks) | Military Post |
Water Source: Wells
Population: Large Town (6,113) 60% human | 20% Elven | 19% Dragonlord | 1% other |
Special: The town has been faced with a series of attacks from spiderkin.
Taxes: Tax Collector, Chartered,
History: The town of Redcastle used to be overrun by low and medium level Spiderkin but they were driven off when the mines under the city were discovered under the old Akiro ruins and a city was built around the site to provide the military with fortifications
Enemies: Spiderkin | Elemental Duststorm | Magica |
Exceptional Crafting: Uncommon (all)
Government: Aristocracy
Leader: Chancellor Horace Wells
Second: (Knight) Guard Captain: Sir Roderick Noyers
Alignment: Good (98%)
Languages: Common, Eternus, Elven,
Cultural Skills: Professions
Currency: Standard
Special Features: Castle District (Military)
News (City): Town Crier |
Town Song(s): Original: Sunrise over Redcastle (instrumental)
Local Events: Market Day (Thursday) |
Law Enforcement: Military
Laws: Traditional | Military Justice
Weapon And Spell Restrictions: Weaponbinding V (Magical)
Curfew: Curfew Bell (9PM) |
Taxes: Chartered |
Streets: Red Brick
Sewage: Underground (small)
City Lights: Lanterns (nonmagical) every 100' on main streets
Religious: Aura (Protection from Spiderkin) Rare - Sword of Redcastle (Castle Courtyard) war monument
Bells: Angelus Bell (45AM) | Noon (12 Pm) | Curfew (9PM) | Fire (3) | Court (6) | Attack (9) | Religious Ceremonies (16) |
Town Holidays: Common (Eternus) | Builder's Day (all build and repair town)