Medieval Fantasy Items (Eternus)

Medieval Armor and ShieldsCommon Items: "Common items are great and not just when you are starting out. Not everyone can afford the best and that is ok because sometimes a common item is all you need. Also not every item has an uncommon version so just because an item is common doesn't mean it itsn't the best tool for the job. Take a look at what we have to offer."
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Uncommon Items: "Uncommon items are the best we have to offer. Anything better like rare, unique or envoy items usually sell at the auction house. We have a wide variety of uncommon magical items most with secondary powers and enhancements and since we have an excellent selection we keep most things in stock. If we are out we can have you one ordered and deliverd in a week or lessS."
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Rare Items: "Rare armor flies off the shelves. The auction house is the best place to look for it but it can be expensive and it really only needed when you reach levels above 25th. Of course it is always nice to have since each piece has rare powers in addition to traditional uses."

Unique Items: "These pieces are one of a kind. You might find one at the auction house but these items are usually heirlooms that sell for a small fortune. Your best bet it to find on on an adventure."

Envoy Items: Ah you dream big! I like that. Envoy Items are extremely powerful items created by the avatars of God to empower his most faithful servants. They are almost always a gift from an avatar for a lifetime of service to God and your fellow mankind.