The Familiars of Eternus

Medieval Familiars of EternusFamiliars: "Ah so you are interested in buying a familiar are you? Well they are no pet. They are a full fledged working animal. If you want a familiar then you have come to the right shop my friend. We have a wide variety from which to choose so please have a look around."

Medieval Familiars of EternusUncommon Familiars: We have a good selection of uncommon animals. We have mounts, serpents, avian creatures, feral creatures, feline creatures and special creatures.

Mounts: Skill: Armored Mount
Thoroughbred: (Skills)
Dragon Horse: (Skills)
Thunder Steed: (Skills)
Light Warhorse: (Skills)

Avian: Skill: Wayfaring
Falcon: (Skills)
Hawk Owl: (Skills)
Silver Dove: (Skills)
Raven: (Skills)

Feline: Skill: Search
Caracal: (Skills)
Lynx: (Skills)
Margay: (Skills)
Bobcat: (Skills)

Canine: Skill: Tracking
Silver Wolf: (Skills)
Purebreed Dog: (Skills)
Timber Wolf: (Skills)
Red Wolf: (Skills)

Serpent: Skill: Resistance to Poison
Salamander: (Skills)
Constrictor: (Skills)
Viper: (Skills)
Queen Snake: (Skills)

Caring for Familiars: Taking care of a familiar is an important part of owing an animal. See: Animal Care

Medieval Familiars of EternusBonding: "Every pet from the common cat to the most powerful familiar must bond with the person who has purchased them before they can trust them. This process is usually longer when they pet is of higher quality but this is not always the case."