The Races of Eternus - Divinus of Storm

Divinus of Storm - They are the Shadow riders of the Plane of Lightning. They swoop in concealed as clouds (outside) or a dark mist (inside) and strike with great force with their powerful AOE lightning spells. They frequently travel to the Material Plane to pursue their most hated foe the Kaido, a race of evil that can turn to steam at will. They live to track down the Angelus of Storm and are constantly hunting them across both planes. Angelus of Storm can predict the weather patterns of the Material and Plane of Lightning and can even alter them at higher levels. Some Angelus choose to hunt Kaido but others choose to protect an area or champion a cause. Angelus of Storm: Angelus of Storm are the epitome of the divine and can be born to any race. They don’t share the traits and powers of that race however. They are born to parents of exceptional kindness and benevolence and usually in an area of great need. Angelus of Storm are born with a strong connection to the Plane of Divine Light and can harness its powers to fight the forces of evil. They are almost always born with a birthmark that resembles a lightning bolt and that glows with bright light when they harness their powers. Angelus of Storm usually build a Temple of Storms at some point in their lives to pass on the teachings of their faith. These temples are made of silver stone and center around huge lightning rods that allow for a close connection with the Plane of Divine Light. These Temples are always well hidden and have a close alliance with the Temples of the Angelus of Storm and other good aligned forces in their area that fight evil. They will often share information and send out adventurers to right wrongs. Their history and origin is a mystery even to many of their faith since it is considered a closely guarded secret. They hold special ceremonies on the 10th of December called The Great Storm that are performed at midnight that empower the warriors of their faith and grant special powers to those with great need. Despite the strong divine connection they can be members of any religion or choose to find their own path as long as that path leads towards goodness. Their greatest enemies are the Malus of Fulgur an evil race that inhabits the Plane of the Dark Void.

Capital City: Lyonesse

Heritage Weapon: Gunbai

Magic Type: Planar Lightning / Place of Origin: Plane of Lightning / Preferred Class: Magus Arcanum / Special Ability: AOE Lightning Magic (+1 per 4 PL once a round) (All) / Resistance: Steam (All) / Resistance: Shadow (All) /