Ancient Races (Tarsis)

Tarsis Dragonlords (Ancient): These human like creatures have bronze skin and eyes and their hair is silver and gold. They carry slings and tridents and wear hide armor and carry hide shields.

Ancient Dragonlords are the ancestors of the modern variations of Dragonlords. They disappear sometimes for hundreds of years and then arrive suddenly to the Material Plane by being born to a group of modern Dragonlord parents. Their ancient form of rune magic is second nature to them and is a self taught combination of holy and arcane magic summoned strait from the plane of Dragons. As such their ancient arcane magic is harmful to both Eldritch and evil spirits and this particular magic sometimes has wild and unexpected consequences as it surges and wanes continuously. It is typical to get a more stable skill to complement their magic such as regular arcane magic or even a weapon because of this phenomenon.

Magic Type: Ancient Arcane / Place of Origin: Plane of Dragons / Special Ability: Dragonfire (enhanced critical) once a round / Resistance: Eldritch (All) / Resistance: Evil Spirits (All) /

Heritage Weapon: Arbalest