Ancient Races (Tarsis)

Watasumi (Dragonlord): This humanoid has silvery skin that fades into silver-blue scales on the lower half of its body. Their hair is deep blue or blue-green. They wear armor made of coral and carry tridents and heavy crossbows.

Watsumi or Imperial Dragonlords are followers of the divine way and meditate to get in touch with their divine elemental talents. They travel across the continents on huge boats which become their homes for a while and then they tend to wander in search of a divine calling. When that calling is satisfied and their skills have been tested they move on to another place and another challenge. Sometimes they may spend most or all of their careers in one place making the most efficient use of their talents and time to champion one large cause that needs them.

Magic Type: Divine / Place of Origin: Fudokan / Preferred Class: Angelic Spirit / Special Ability: Void Blast +1 per 4 PL once per round (Repeating) / Resistance: Force (All) / Resistance: Earth /