Heritages of Eternus (Ljosalfar)

ljosalfarLjosalfar (Sun Elves) - These elves live in large cities and villages in the high mountains where they are closer to the sun. They can harness the power of sunlight and are masters of both arcane and spiritual magic which they call seior. They are the sworn enemies of the Sawney, a group of canibals that dwell in deep shadows and bind their bodies with the taint of dark shade. Their battles have been known to last for centuries. Dispite this the Sun elves prefer to live in peace and in harmony with the natural rythems of nature. They are led by an honorable and noble King or Oberon (Taijai) who rules from a huge tower hidden in the light of the sun. A tradition states that every city or village apponts a wanderer that becomes an adventurer and helps to protect and defend the kingdom of which the village is a part. He is blessed with a sliver of the power of the King.

Physical: Ljósálfar Elves have golden skin and bright eyes. Their hair is light, ranging from silver to blonde. These elves are slightly shorter than humans. Ljósálfar Elves' ears are short and pointed, and their eyes are vibrant blue, violet, or green. Elves have little body hair, but males often grow long sideburns. Their hair is often long and most women wear two long slender braids entwined with gold strands that hang just in front of each ear or can be tied up for a more sophisticated look.

Architecture: Ljósálfar Elves build their homes in close harmony with the mountains, so perfectly concealed that travelers often pass right by them without even noticing. Ljósálfar elves make their homes inside of hills and mountains where they use their magic to create large extradimensional spaces connected by magical portals and extradimensional passages. Structures are formed out of natural materials and must be shaped over the course of decades unless magic is employed. There are beautiful natural habitats usually with precious metals, stone statues and special shrines to the Sun.

Capital: Tower of Sól

It is rumored that those that wander in the Helios Mountains sometimes see the Oberon or King of the Sun Elves who will send them on sacred missions.

Customs: Teaching is one of the most important social rituals. People of high social rank usually volunteer their time to teach the younger generations about Sun Elf history, tradition and other skills. An excellent group of well trained students is the best way to gain notice by person of high regard. In order to progress socially you should raise funds to open a school.

Elves use the index finger of their right hand to touch their "third eye" with their palm facing left and the the thumb and remaining fingers in a circle as a sign of respect or to pray.

Trees - They never cut living trees unless they are diseased beyond saving and when they do cut them they make sure that no part goes to waste and replace them with a tree of greater value to the lands.

Dress: They dress in beautiful clothes made from tiny interwoven links of metal. The clothes usually feature two different colors with intricate sun patterns. On less formal occasions the women wear light chain v neck halters that show their midriff and short chain mantles with a sun emblem. They wear chain linked pants with short chain laced boots and often wear chain jewelry. Men wear chain shirts and vests with long breeches. They wear short chain laced boots and thick metal belts.

Dress, Formal: On formal occasions the women often wear long flowing red or black dresses with inlaid jewels and jeweled headdresses with long dangling jeweled earrings. The dresses shimmer softly in the light casting a glow distinctive to the garments. The men wear woven decorative vests made of red or black material with dark stitching that traces a sun pattern across the shoulders and in straight lines down the front of the garment. Underneath they wear a white shirt with an open collar. Their woven pants are dark and are worn with high boots and a loose flowing belt accented with a decorative gold clasp.

Enemies: Sawney

Etiquette: When someone has shown you a great kindness is it customary to answer that kindness with a note of thanks and a small gift such as food, wine, or a rare gem, and return of the favor as soon as possible. When someone sends you an invitation, a gift, or a warning you should send a note of thanks as well. An invitation to visit your home for dinner and to stay the night is warranted if the favor is a big one. Ljósálfar elves believe that care should be taken when speaking so that you do not overwhelm your listener with too many comments or make them feel awkward by saying too little. Overly negative comments should be delivered carefully and only at an opportune time. Bad news should always be given in private when possible by requesting to speak to the person alone. Arrogant behavior is considered the height of rudeness in Ljósálfar society. When a person is invited to visit your home you should always greet them cheerfully, offer them a hot meal and a warm bed in which to sleep. Beds are warmed by placing large stones warmed by the fire in the beds a few minutes before they are used. When you receive an invitation you should send a note to the person either accepting the invitation or apologizing for not being able to attend with a brief explanation of why. Oaths - Ljósálfar take oaths very seriously and never make one unless they are sure that they can keep it. They value loyalty and truth and seek to keep the laws of the land as long as they are just.

Faction Tokens: Ruby Emblems

Heritage Weapon: Claidhamh Cuil

Foods: Sylvan bread, fresh maze, allspice butter, duck eggs, grape jam, sweet crackers, wild herb omelets, soy kabobs, butter beans, Carmel walnuts, allspice soy links, pan fried soy in garlic sauce, Sylvan peppers, Red mushroom soup with Sylvan spice, Salad with allspice and Ljósálfar Flowers, honey herb salad, wild rice, peppered chic peas, corn in allspice, wild pepper beans, wild carrots, fresh broccoli, stewed vegetables in allspice, blue apples, Dragonfruit berries, wild strawberries, and to drink mead, apple juice, grape juice, orange juice, tomato juice, red wine, white wine, green tea, or goats milk and for desert Blue Applesauce, cinnamon twists, cherry pastries, Red Sugar cane, raspberry cookies, strawberry cookies, and Oiolosse berries.

Goals: Protector of nature, defender of the weak, caretaker of the natural world; the Ljósálfar Elves area intermediaries between the world of nature and the world of man. They are the keepers and guardians of the largest and oldest mountains of the lands. Ljósálfar elves know that if these important sources of metal and fuel are depleted that famine and mysery follow. They use the powers of these powerful mountains to enhance their connection with the divine. They revere nature and seek to do battle with the corrupting forces of evil that are enemies to the natural world and to protect the balance of nature and defend those who respect it. A Ljósálfar Elf may be chosen at the request of the tribe so that they may take on a sliver of the power of the Oberon (King) and learn the ways of the outside world and to do battle with those that seek to harm their homeland. Once they have heard the call of nature urging them to return home they return to the tribe and are rewarded. They love to explore new mountains and new lands, and it's not unusual for individuals or small bands to wander hundreds of miles from their homelands.

Government: Ljósálfar Elven tribes are led by a noble court that is overseen by the Oberon or King. The current members of the court choose from among the members of the tribe to replace them on the council and the King chooses the best member of the council to be his replacement. Every member of the Elven tribe has the potential to rise to nobility and from there to be King despite the circumstances of their birth. To gain notice of the court you must perform heroic deeds that aid or assist the cause of nature and therefore the tribe.

History: Ljósálfar elves have a long a colorful history and have been in existence for many great turns.

Holidays: Ljósálfar holidays focus on the sun. The Aurora Borealis is a very special holiday for the Sun Elves.

Summer (Aestival) Solstice June 20th / Winter (Hibernal) Solstice December 20th /

Holy Places: All of the Ljósálfar holy places are sacred mountains dedicated to the Sun. Mountains of a very large size, exceptional beauty, or with unique physical or other characteristics can indicate a mountain is sacred. These things however are just a clue to the power of the mountain's spirit. The decision to make a mountain sacred is ultimately decided by the council. Only a seasoned and powerful Ljósálfar, one that is in perfect balance with nature, can see the sacred aura of a mountain.

Languages: Ljósálfar, Elven, Common

Laws: Laws are decided by the council and are similar to those in most good territories.

Leader: King Taijai Sunstorm

Magic Type: Seiðr

Phrases: (hello) dia duit (literally, "God to you") - pronounced: "jeea ditch" / (good morning) maidin mhaith - pronounced: my-din bah / (good bye) slan - pronounced: slawn / Cead Mile Failte - A hundred thousand welcomes - pronounced: cade meelah foyle-ta / (Cheers - Toast) sláinte - pronounced: sloyn-tche / (The grace of God be with you) Rath Dé ort - pronounced: rah jay urt /

Place of Origin: Eternus

Rituals: There are many different rituals associated with sacred mountains. Wedding ceremonies are almost always performed under the waterfall of a sacred mountain. Leaving rubies under a sacred waterfall for one month or longer is supposed to bring them sacred energy particularly during the summer and winter solstice. A persons name that has died can be carved into certain places on a sacred mountain to honor the dead. Oaths should be taken at the top of a sacred mountain whenever possible.

Symbols: Jewels with a person or saints name etched on one side and a type of sacred mountain engraved on the other are important symbols of the culture and can be in a piece of jewelry.

Weakness (Dökkálfar Energy Type): Pure Darkness

PL 1: Ljósálfar Spatha (40%) - +10% critical bonuses vs enemy
PL 1: Ambush (Rocky) +5
PL 1: Alertness (Rocky) +5
PL 1: Seiðr (Substitution) -
PL 1: Limited Tracking (Dökkálfar) - 40%
PL 1: Negate Rocky Terrain -
PL 1: Special Mission - +40% influence (Racial) + Ruby Emblems used for rewards and titles -
PL 2: Material Coordination - Racial Armor (Limited) Pure Darkness (Reduce Weakness) +1
PL 3: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -
PL 4: Warding (Pure Darkness) -
PL 5: Favored Terrain (Rocky) - +5 (max) on ambush and alertness -
PL 5: Activate Racial Totem -
PL 5: Special Mission - +20% influence (Racial) - Ruby Emblems used for rewards and titles - (Reward) Ljósálfar Spatha Upgrade (60%)
PL 6: Material Coordination - Racial Armor (Limited) Pure Darkness (Reduce Weakness) +2
PL 7: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -
PL 8: Warding (Dökkálfar) -
PL 9: Detect Dökkálfar (Instant) -
PL 9: Special Mission - +8% influence (Racial) - Ruby Emblems used for rewards and titles - (Reward) Ljósálfar Spatha Upgrade (68%)
PL 10: Material Coordination - Racial Armor (Limited) Pure Darkness (Reduce Weakness) +3
PL 11: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -
PL 12: Boost Critical (vs Dökkálfar) -
PL 13: Use of City Forge - (Free)
PL 13: Special Mission - +8% influence (Racial) - Ruby Emblems used for rewards and titles - (Reward) Ljósálfar Spatha Upgrade (76%)
PL 14: Material Coordination - Racial Armor (Limited) Pure Darkness (Reduce Weakness) +4
PL 15: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -
PL 16: Familiar - (Racial Mount) -
PL 17: Title - (Minor)
PL 17: Special Mission - +8% influence (Racial) - Ruby Emblems used for rewards and titles - (Reward) Ljósálfar Spatha Upgrade (84%)
PL 18: Craft Architecture (Ljósálfar) - Requires work at capital city
PL 19: Material Coordination - Racial Armor (Limited) Pure Darkness (Reduce Weakness) +5 PL 20: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -

Racial Paragon: (Appointed by racial leader) extremely rare

PL 21: Racial Paragon Weapon (Artifact) - +25% critical bonuses vs enemy
PL 21: Favored Plane (Plane of Sunlight) - +5 on ambush and alertness
PL 21: Celestial Light (Substitution) -
PL 21: Quest - +16% influence (Racial) - (Reward) Ljósálfar Spatha Upgrade (100%)
PL 21: Divination (Dökkálfar) -
PL 21: Title - (Councilman - if chosen)
PL 21: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -
PL 21: Planar Adaptation (Plane of Sunlight) - PL 21: Planar Adaptation (Plane of Pure Darkness) -
PL 22: Racial Paragon Pet - ()
PL 22: Material Coordination - Racial Armor (Limited) Eternal Darkness (Reduce Weakness) +5
PL 23: Unique Power (Instant) -
PL 23: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -
PL 24: Warding (Eternal Darkness) - 91%
PL 24: Free Training - (x2 at Racial Capital) -
PL 25: Create Racial Totem (Unique) -
PL 25: Favored Plane (Plane of the Eternal Dark) - +5 (max) on ambush and alertness -
PL 25: Free Training x 6 - (x 12 at Racial Capital) -