Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Ancient: Silvermane

thule islandPhysical: Silvermanes look like a typical human of Eternus however when they are severely wounded (negative Health) or on the night of the full moon they take on wolflike characteristics and have soft silver fur which shimmers softly like moonlight.

Architecture: Silvermane architecture features narrow streets, curved archways, elegant outwall paintings and round domed topped buildings.

Capital: Thule Island

Customs: Silvermanes maintain their history through a tradition of oral literature, lyrical poetry, chanted verse, fairy tales, songs, and other means.


Enemies: Werewolves

Etiquette: Silvermanes greatly respect age and position and view older people as wise since they have great experience. They expect the most senior person, by age or position, to make decisions that are in the best interest of the group.

Faction Tokens: Azure Flower Statuettes

Foods -

Goals: The elimination of the threat of evil lycanthrope.

Government: Hierarchy

History: The legend of the silvermane is one of the most ancient and goes back as far as written history.

Holidays: March 1: Martisorul / April 1: Servants Day / December 1: St. Nicolas’ Day /

Holy Places: Temple of the Silver Moon / Various Monasteries /

Honor: They try at all times to display mercy, courage, valor, fairness, protection of the weak, offer aid to the poor, self-sacrifice, faithfulness to God, protecting the innocent, faithfulness to the church, championing good, being generous, and obey God above country.

Languages: Silvermane, Common

Laws: The laws of the Kingdom

Leader: Regele Sebastian Stolojan

Magic Type: Silver Moonlight

Place of Origin: Unknown


Symbols: Silver Wolf against a blue background with a a sword and a scepter in the background.

Weakness (Werewolf Energy Type): Dark Moonlight

Heritage Weapon: Silver Sabre